Federal Prosecutions

Federal Prosecutions

San Francisco Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

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If you or someone you know and care about has been interviewed, questioned, detained, arrested or indicted by a federal officer, federal agent or United States’ Attorney relating to any criminal matter, consulting with a qualified and experienced federal criminal defense attorney is critical. Federal criminal cases are extremely serious legal proceedings. A person who is under investigation or who has been arrested by a federal officer is at risk of losing their freedom for a very long time.

Robert Tayac has represented clients accused of crimes throughout California since 1994. He can effectively represent you in any federal charge, including a drug violation, bank robbery, conspiracy, immigration violation, or antitrust violation. Furthermore, if you have been charged or are under investigation for any fraud related crime, such as mail fraud, bankruptcy fraud, bank fraud, wire fraud, or healthcare fraud (including Medicare and Medicaid fraud), his understanding of the law is precisely what you need to protect your legal rights and defend against the charges.

As an experienced California State and Federal criminal defense attorney, Mr. Tayac has seen all types of federal crime cases, including those involving identity theft and the counterfeiting of government documnets, counterfeiting of United States currency, and crimes alleged to have occurred on federal property. Mr. Tayac strongly believes in taking a personalized approach for each client’s case, including allegations involving white collar crime, grand jury investigations, gun and so-called Triggerlock offenses, RICO charges and ALL other federal crimes.

Dealing with federal law and matters related to federal law is extremely complex, and representation should only be undertaken by an individual with extensive experience in federal court rooms.

Calling this office is the next step if you or a loved one is charged with a federal crime.